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87,99 EUR*
Details Canon-7950A530-Easy-Service-Plan-3-J-Exchang

Easy Service Plan imageFORMULA, 3Y, exchange service, workgroup scanner

19,52 EUR*

HP 3 year Next business day Exchange HP M210 Foundation Care Service.

22,90 EUR*

HP 4y NBD Adv. Exch Docking Station SVC ,Commercial Docking/Port Rep w/1/1/0.,4 yr Exchange service. HP ships replacement next bus day, 8am-5pm, Std bus days excl HP hol. HP prepays return shipment.

31,21 EUR*

HP 5 year Next business day Exchange HP M210 Foundation Care Service.

19,99 EUR*
Details Die-Sprachen-der-Liebe-Thermosbecher

443ml Thermosbecher aus Thermosedelstahl mit abnehmbarem Deckel. Hochwertiger Rundumdruck. Spülmaschinenfest. Design & Illustration. Von SophieKoubbi. love, relationship, couple, exchange, languages, rewarding words, moments of quality, services, to touch

10,98 EUR*
Details Keine-solche-Sache-Tasse

325ml Keramikbecher mit Rundumdruck. Verfügbar in zwei Größen und Formen. Spülmaschinenfest. The only way to succeed as a capitalist is to provide goods or services that people want to buy; peaceful, voluntary exchange is the key. Of course, the...

18,84 EUR*
Details In-Gold-vertraue-ich-Notizbuch

Hochwertiges Hardcover Notizbuch mit Rundumdruck. 128 Seiten. Liniert, gerastert oder blanko. God's Gold is Money everything else is credit, as in fiat currency. A new millennium is about to arrive in the financial sector to exchange Goods and Services...

223,99 EUR*
Details Fujitsu-Pa03610-B101-Scansnap-S1100I

USB cable powered scanning, cable included/ 12 months Warranty coverage:EMEA wide Advance Exchange Service / Within EU - 7 days using the online support form or hotline numbers / Outside EU - targeted within 7 days* using the online support form/

107,99 EUR*
Details Cisco-Small-Business-Spa303-G2-Spa303-3-Line-IP-Phone

Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone direkte Verbindung zu einem Internet Telefon Service Provider oder zu einem IP private branch exchange (Pbx), 2-Port Switch/ (ohne PoE!!)/ Support Level Svc1

81,00 EUR*
Details Fujitsu-SP-5Y-OS-Aust-9X5-NBD-RT

Support Pack 5 years On-Site Exchange Service, 9x5, next business day onsite response, valid in selected countries in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and India for PalmSecure ID Match Futro Serie LxxxFujitsu 5Y 9x5 - 5 Jahr(e) - Vor Ort - 9x5 - Next Busin